Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning to Wave - A Collaborative Tutorial

It's not too late to learn to Wave. If you've always wondered how to use Wave, check out this fun tutorial where a bunch of Wave Power Users are introducing the awesomeness of Wave to a new user.

If you can't view the embedded wave below or it doesn't jump to the start of the tutorial, click here to go directly to the wave.


  1. But why? I love wave. Am can't believe its being closed down. Do you think there will another wave kinda thing one day soon. I've started moving wave content to my Google Site and to Google Documents. I like the new functionality - with the chat window and the real time typing - of new Google Docs. Any advice for the wave addict?

  2. Leesa, Hang in there! From one Wave addict to another... I am sure there will be other alternatives available by the end of the year. Until then, there's no point in letting go of this awesome tool. If you want help checking out those other alternatives just ping me on Wave.


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